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Amy Winehouse vs Paparazzi 2011.


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"When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog."

A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States. (via africandogontheprairie)

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Everyone needs a giggle. I actually learned a couple of things from this. :D

"yehhhhhh this one is for mah 30 foot snakes up in the zoo."

This is strangely catchy

Though do female anacondas really eat the males after copulation?

oh my god, 30 foot long


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photos by matt smith from the Illawarra coast in new south wales of bluebottles, violet snails and blue dragons. 

despite its resemblance to the jellyfish, the bluebottle is more closely related to coral. known as a zooid, the bluebottle (or portugese man of war) is a colonial animal composed of many highly specialized and physiologically integrated individual organisms incapable of independent survival. 

the blue dragon — a type of nudibranch, here no larger than a thumbnail, with its own potent sting — is able to eat the nematocysts (stinging cells) of the bluebottle without discharging them and internally relocate them to the tips of each one of the fingers you can see in the pictures.

for their part, the violet snails also feed on the bluebottles.

notes matt, “despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle is an amazingly beautiful creature. with strong winds, hundreds of these cnidaria are blown into the bays around my home town and trapped overnight.”

this allows him to capture the above shots, which he creates with use of a fluorescent tube in his strobe light and a homemade waterproof lens dome.

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Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk.

watch the whole thing it’s great

my dad and i are fucking losing it

the 1 kg box killed us

They invented kangaroos.

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Halls has no chill

Halls has no chill

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